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This L Chair is in production and is earning me $50,000 in quarter one of 2020. This project also earned me $2,650 in upfront prize money.

This is the L Chair. Designed by Clay Simonson. Produced by RIO Brands. Sold by Tommy Bahama and Costco.

Superior Comfort

Frame Bends:

The key insights from my 50 person ergonomic study of Tommy Bahama's current top-selling chair was that people don't want to feel the frame and that the current market has poor lumbar support. 

The L Chair's frame bends allow people to float on the fabric without feeling the frame. 

More Comfort

A Unique Stretch:

Ultimate comfort at the beach is being cradled seated or laying down. An elastic stretch liner stretching wider in the lumbar area creates lumbar support while being elastic enough to stretch flat in the lay down position.


A Cooler Pouch:

Comfort goes beyond seating; it's how we feel.


With a nesting seat and backrest, the L Chair is easy to carry and saves on shipping costs.

© 2018 by Clay Simonson. 

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