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Thank You

Internship Employers
Thank you to the two companies that have helped me develop over my three internships. Those 16 months have been integral to my professional development; thank you. 

To have people glimpsing what I do in hope of finding merit is more than I could ask for. Thank you for your time. 

Studios and Professionals

Thank you to these companies and the professionals at these companies for helping me develop through studio tours and portfolio reviews. I know that everyone is busy, and it means a lot when professionals are open to my questions and inquiries.

Peers and Instructors

Thank you to my professors and instructors that guide me along the way. I am grateful for my opportunity to study at UW Stout. Thank you to my peers that continually push me in my design development.

Mentor and Family

I couldn't do what I do without my mentor, Cole Money; thank you. Last on the page, and first in my heart, thank you to my wonderful family. 

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