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creating the face of simplehuman

Digital Forecasting, UX & UI

What did we do?


Simplehuman's owner, Frank Yang asked us to create what he sees as the most important part of his company - its

e-commerce and app.  

The future of purchasing from simplehuman.

It's digital, mobile, and via our app. With the app, purchasing products from simplehuman has never been easier.

a smooth discovery

6061 aluminum for the frame and fork — lightweight, extremely durable and lower impact in manufacturing than other material options.

The motor drive is removable, so the motor or battery can be upgraded or replaced to ensure that the bike will give you a high-performance ride throughout a very long and enjoyable lifespan.

light, compact, and efficient power

The extremely efficient Fazua motor drive is the lightest and most compact in its class. It is completely integrated into the bike frame and can provide natural assist up to 20mph. 

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