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small cart

Today's carts are too bulky.

It carries everything you need and fits in a brief case. Our cart should fit in every car. It should work great for elderly, disabled, and toddlers.  

(client identified opportunity)


Fold. A study:

How does one action make this small enough to forget that it's in your trunk? It's small enough that you keep it there for when


pockit-smallest-stroller-small (1).gif

How do we do this in one action?


stroller gif 2.gif

Foot Activation:

Unlocking folding mechanism with foot. Pros:

     - One easy kick can lead to full collapse can be good experience.

     - Keep fingers & hands away from moving parts. You do not feel like you might get caught in the collapse motion,

       and it does not feel like you are reaching into a machine. (see below gif)

bike gif.gif

Remember the first time you saw a folding bike?

It blew my fricking mind that it could do that. 

silicone gif.gif

Today's comparison:


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