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compost caddy

compost caddy

Product Design, Design Management, & CMF Design



The Compost Caddy is currently being judged in the International Housewares Show.  

The Task: Composting Made Simpler

We set out to create a compost caddy that conveniently docks on the side of simplehuman trash cans encouraging people to separate organics from trash, making waste management even more efficient.


food prep friendly

Our compost caddy easily detaches from its magnetic dock for use at the kitchen counter during food prep and clean up.


not magic, magnetic

Magnetic docking system not only secures the caddy firmly in place, it also holds the lid open for convenient scraping and peeling.


keep odors in, pests out

Soft-seal lid allows organics to breathe, keeping odors like banana peels under control and pests like fruit flies away.


simple to empty, easy to clean

Detachable lid and a smooth inner bucket are designed for efficient removal, dumping, and rinsing.


cleaner stainless steel

Our invisible silver-ion coating resists fingerprints and the spread of germs without dulling the natural sheen and luster of the steel.


made for earth

Our code Z compostable custom fit liners fit our compost caddy perfectly with no ugly overhang, and are certified compostable so you can throw them out and they will decompose completely. 


Feel free to ask about a detailed development process.  

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