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coat rack
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Reimagining the coat rack.

Product Design, Branding


The Y rack is currently being judged in the 2019 International Design Excellence Awards and the Core 77 Design awards. 

The Brief:

Holding coats or attire should be delightful, space conscious and should keep the pristine integrity of a home's walls. 

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Floor space comes at a premium as today's homes are getting smaller and smaller.

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Leveraging the West Elm VBL to appropriately fit the Y rack into today's homes. Key takeaways: Metal capped wood grains; simplified geometric shapes; large gauge rope. 


Marrying the emotion of delight with utility of holding attire up and out of the way. 


Easily adjust each hook to your preferred height. Know everyone is safe and watch the ropes drop out of the box if your kid's friend Trevor hangs on the ropes. Breathe easy knowing the ropes pop right back into place. 

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A premium package to present the delight of the Y rack.

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